Remote Patient Monitoring

Athelas Remote Patient Monitoring

at Delmarva Kidney, we care about your health which is why we have partnered with Athelas to offer remote patient monitoring. The Athelas program will provide you with tools to monitor your vitals at home which will be reported back to us and used to ensure that your course of treatment is on track. These services are covered by insurance, and Athelas performs an eligibility check prior to enrolling.

Step One: Patient Enrollment

By following the link here you will be able to self-enroll in the program.

Step Two: Obtaining Testing Devices

Athelas will ship you free personal connected health devices and train you on how to use them. The device(s) available include: blood pressure cuff, weight scale, or glucose monitor as indicated by our practice.

Step Three: Testing

Once you have your devices you can begin testing and tracking your results. Athelas will send you a text message monthly, reminding you to test and all results will be securely sent to us for review. This allows us to keep an eye on your physical health and provide the best care, even while remote.

Contact us at or at (833) 524-1318 for any assistance.

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